Hand Carved Custom Wood Doors and Mantles by Richard Cornelius


We offer pictorial relief carving to personalize your log cabin or conventional home. Doors and

mantleboards are custom designed and constructed of solid wood to your specifications.

Richard Cornelius talks about woodcarving...

Woodcarving is a reductive process. The wood is removed to create the form, unlike sculpture in clay or wax where material is added to create the form. I carve in a style called low relief. Because the depth of the carving is limited to ½" or less, the precise amount of wood removed is critical. My challenge and the aspect of carving I enjoy the most is to achieve the sense of distance, perspective and form through the use of line, texture and design. The details involved in my doors assure my clients that the elk will indeed look like an elk and not a wildebeest. The detail will not eliminate the anatomy of the bear beneath that furry coat. The wood not carved is as important to my style as the carving itself. The use of negative space around and throughout the carving brings interest and an individual unique quality to the piece. This use of negative space is an integral part of the design and my way of achieving detail-rich doors.


"Words of thanks don't do justice to the work you performed on making the door for our home. It's simply stunning! Everybody who comes by has to stand and just look for a while before they come in. Absolutely a one of a kind product by a master craftsman and artist! Thank you very much. We will enjoy your work for many years to come. -Troy & Dana, Idaho

"Painted Pasture

White Pack Horse


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